Board of Directors

Nominations closed.

The APSAC Nominations Committee invites you to nominate professionals for the APSAC Board for a three year term beginning July 1.  

Letters of nomination can be e-mailed to or mailed to APSAC at 1706 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH  43203.  Letters should describe the nominee's discipline, areas of child abuse practice, and expertise.  

The final slate of candidates is selected by the Nominations Committee to reflect regional and professional variations and to maintain a diverse board of directors.  The deadline for nominations is February 1 of each year. Winners will be notified within 60 days and invited to attend the Board meeting at the Annual Colloquium.  Questions about the nomination process can be emailed directly to Executive Director Michael Haney.

 APSAC's Board of Directors serve for no more than two consecutive three-year terms. Care is taken to select Board members that represent the many disciplines, geographic regions, and cultures of our membership.

Bylaws (Adopted June 21, 2016)


Tricia Gardner, JD
Center on Child Abuse & Neglect
Oklahoma City, OK

Immediate Past President

Frank Vandervort
Child Advocacy Law Clinic  
Ann Arbor, MI



Board Member At Large
Kathleen Faller, PhD
University of Michigan School of Social Work
Ann Arbor, MI

Stacie LeBlanc, JD
Children's Hospital-CARE Center
New Orleans, LA

Legal Counsel
Bill Forcade, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Chicago, IL 

Board Members 

Executive Director

Michael L. Haney, PhD, NCC, CISM, LMHC  
Forensic and Mental Health Consultant 
Tallahassee, FL 

Debra Esernio-Jenssen, MD
Univ. of Florida Child Protection Team
Gainesville, FL

Dave Corwin, MD
Univ. of Utah
Sandy, UT

Ryan Brown, MD, FAAP
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK

Bart Klika
University of Montana School of Social Work
Missoula, MT  

Mel Schneiderman, PhD
The New York Foundling
New York, NY

Michael Kurtz, CPA
The New York Foundling
New York, NY


Carmen Jirau-Rivera, MSW
The New York Foundling
New York, NY




Past Presidents

2015   Frank Vandervort

2014   Frank Vandervort

2013   Viola Vaughan-Eden
2012   Viola Vaughan-Eden
2011   Ronald C. Hughes
2010   Ronald C. Hughes
2009   Mike Haney
2008   Mike Haney
2007   Jordan Greenbaum
2006   Jordan Greenbaum
2005   Tony Mannarino

2004   Tony Mannarino
2003   Jon Conte
2002   Jon Conte
2001   Jon Conte
2000   Sandra Alexander
1999   Veronica Abney
1998   Diane DePanfilis
1997   Harry Elias
1996   Deb Daro

1995   Deb Daro
1994   Linda Williams
1993   Patti Toth
1992   Barbara Bonner
1991   Charles Wilson
1990   Joyce Thomas
1989   David Chadwick
1988   Jon Conte
1987   Jon Conte

President Emeritus for Life
(presented by the APSAC Board)

2016   Viola Vaughan-Eden

2012   Jon Conte
2012   Ronald C. Hughes

Board Members, 1987-2015 (alphabetical order)

Gene Abel, MD
Randell Alexander, MD, PhD
Catherine Ayoub, RN, EdD
Jan Bays, MD
Judith Becker, PhD
Lucy Berliner, MSW
Tom Birch, JD
Linda Blick, MSW, LCSW
John Briere, PhD
Don Bross, JD
Elissa J. Brown, PhD
Josephine Bulkley, JD
Ann Burgess, DNSc
Richard Cage, MS
Toni Cardenas, MSW
Mark Chaffin, PhD
Judith Cohen, MD
Anne Cohn, DPH
Jon Conte, PhD
Sharon W. Cooper, MD
David Corwin, MD
David Cory, MSSW
Bud Cramer, JD
Patricia Crittenden, PhD
Thomas Curran, MSW, JD
Gloria de la Cruz-Quiroz, LCSW
Esther Deblinger, PhD
Antonia Dobrec, MSW
Howard Dubowitz, MD
Martha Erickson, PhD
Debra Esnerio-Jenssen, MD

Mark Everson, PhD
Kathleen Coulborn Faller, PhD
Robert Hugh Farley, MS
Joel Feinstein, MD
Fern Ferguson, MSW
Martin Finkel, DO
David Finkelhor, PhD
Monica M. Fitzgerald, PhD
Lisa Fontes, PhD
Bill Forcade, JD
Lori D. Frasier, MD
William N. Friedrich, PhD
Maria M. Gallagher, MSW
James Garbarino, PhD
Tricia Gardner, JD
Dana Gassaway, JD
Charles Gentry, MSW
Eliana Gil, PhD
Nat Glover, JD
Gail Goodman, PhD
Jean Goodwin, MPH, MD
Pamela Gosda, BS
Hon. Sol Gothard, JD
Arne Graff, MD
Virginia Greenbaum, PhD
Rochelle Hanson, PhD
Jesse L. Harris, DSW
Astrid Heger, MD
Charles Terry Hendrix, MA
Michael Hertica, MS
Sandra Hodge, BS

Wayne Holder, MSW
Brian Holmgren, JD
Dirk Huyer, MD
Beverly James, MSW
Paula Jaudes, MD
Carole Jenny, MD, MBA
Paul Jenssen, MBA, MEd

Kathy D. Johnson, MS
Michael Johnson, BSCJ
Mireille Kanda, MD
Susan Kelley, RN, PhD
Julie Kenniston, MSW, LSW
Robert Kirschner, MD
David Kolko, PhD
Richard Krugman, MD
Nancy Lamb, JD
Walter Lambert, MD
Ken Lanning, MS
Stacie LeBlanc, JD, MED
Carolyn Levitt, MD
Howard Levy, MD
David Lloyd, JD
Thomas Lyon, JD, PhD
Patricia Lyons, LISW
Kee MacFarlane, MSW
Sarah Maiter, PhD
Det. William Marshall, BS
Holly Echo-Hawk Middleton, MS
Brenda Mirabal, MD
Bill Modzeleski, MPA
Lavdena Orr, MD

Vincent J. Palusci, MD, MS
Robert N. Parrish, JD
Donna Pence, BS
Robert Pierce, PhD
Robert Prentky, PhD
Robert Reece, MD
Helen Rodriguez-Trias, MD
Carl Rogers, PhD
Sandra G. Rosswork, PhD
Inv. George Ryan
Susan Samuel, BS
Ben Saunders, PhD
Dan Sexton, MA
Hon. Sandra Smith, JD
Paul J. Stern, JD
Marilyn Stocker, PhD
Roland Summit, MD
Cynthia Swenson, PhD
Capt. Toby Tyler
Kathryn Turman, BA
Anthony Urquiza, PhD
Frank Vandervort, JD
Viola Vaughan-Eden, PhD, LCSW
Lt. Bill Walsh
Geri Wiser, JD
Diane J. Willis, PhD
Bruce Woodling, MD
Beatrice Yorker, RN, MS, JD
Marlene Young, JD, PhD

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