• Presented APSAC’s inaugural Advanced Training Summit in Portland, Maine, comprised of workshops, plenaries and in-depth institutes designed for members of all professions involved with child maltreatment;


  • Developed and submitted amicus briefs-- Hawaii v Trump addressing the impact of President Trump’s executive order banning immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries focusing on the harms to children that would be caused by the ban; and  State of New Jersey v. J.L.G. case addressing the admissibility of testimony regarding the sexual abuse accommodation syndrome;


  • Offered advanced training institutes in San Diego on medical issues in child sexual abuse and human trafficking;


  • Convened a National Summit to End Corporal Punishment, and  now developing an implementation plan based on the proceedings;


  • Developed the curricula for an on-line training course for members of all disciplines working in child maltreatment; production will begin in November;


  • Developed the APSAC Center for Child Policy, and initiated the work of sub-groups to develop policy papers on Mandatory Reporting; Juveniles on Sex Offender Registries; Differential Response; Abusive Head Trauma; Opioid Use and Child Maltreatment;


  • Offered five-day forensic interview training clinics in East and West Coast locations;


  • Developed and planned a Colloquia on Psychological Maltreatment of Children, to be held in December 2017, completely donor funded;


  • Developed the platform to digitize over two decades worth of issues of our publication The APSAC Advisor and seven years of The APSAC Alert into a searchable database;


  • Convened a Media Committee to update the guidelines on the appropriate use of anatomically correct dolls and other media in the forensic interviewing of children;


  • Convened a Medical Child Abuse/Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy Task Force to develop guidelines on diagnosing and treating MCA/MSBP, set to be published early next year.


  • Convened and supported a prevention committee working to promote evidence-based best practices in targeted individuals, families, communities and social policy; and


  • Published professional guidelines on The Identification and Assessment of Psychological Maltreatment in Children;  

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