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Intrafamilial Child Torture: Training Mandated Reporters

Pamela J. Miller, JD, MSW, LISW-S


Intrafamilial child torture (ICT) is an emerging category of child maltreatment coming to the widespread attention of child-serving professionals for the first time. This article will familiarize readers with ICT as a separate category of maltreatment, demonstrate the need for ICT to be expressly included in mandated reporter laws, and describe early efforts to train mandated reporters on ICT. The article will briefly describe the types of harm involved in ICT and the highly pathological family dynamics that lead to parents torturing their own children. The need for separate mandated reporter laws will be demonstrated by discussing ICT’s rarity, lethality, psychologically devastating consequences, and tendency to be missed or misbelieved. Finally, Miller’s beginner-level training on ICT will be described.


Advancing Trauma-Informed Programs in Schools to Promote

Resilience and Child Well-Being

Todd I. Herrenkohl, PhD; Sunghyun Hong, MSW; Bethany Verbrugge, MSW


This article discusses the importance of trauma-informed schools and the goal of transforming education systems to become more attuned and responsive to the needs of children with trauma histories. We draw on findings of an earlier review of published studies in which we highlight current gaps in the literature and call for more empirical work to better establish the promise of systems-oriented, trauma-informed strategies. In the current article, we also highlight core components of these strategies and offer a number of recommendations for schools committed to ensuring that risk-exposed and traumatized children receive the supports and services they require to succeed in school, work, and life.

Special "Contested Issues" Section on Parental Alienation

Introduction Parental Alienation: A Contested Concept

Kathleen Coulborn Faller, PhD, ACSW, LMSW

Seeking a Bridge Between Child Sexual Abuse and Parental Alienation Experts

Madelyn Simring Milchman, PhD

Parental Alienation Syndrome/Parental Alienation Disorder (PAS/PAD): A Critique of a ‘Disorder’ Frequently Used to Discount Allegations of Interpersonal Violence and Abuse in Child Custody Cases

Robert Geffner, PhD, ABPP, ABN  & Aileen Herlinda Sandoval, PsyD

Can There Be a Bridge Between Interpersonal Violence/Abuse and Parental Alienation Proponents: A Response to Milchman

Aileen Herlinda Sandoval, PsyD & Robert Geffner, PhD, ABPP, ABN 

Is a Critique of Parental Alienation Syndrome/Parental Alienation Disorder (PAS/PAD) Timely? A Response to Geffner and Sandoval

Madelyn Simring Milchman, PhD

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