Child Protection Services Professionals

What Can APSAC Membership Offer Child Protection Services Professionals?

APSAC members have access to the latest research findings to inform your work, including the peer reviewed Journal of Child Maltreatment; the translational newsletter the APSAC Advisor; and The APSAC Alert, a timely E-blast announcing current research, policy issues, or events.

APSAC membership offers access to a professional peer group of child maltreatment practitioners including many leaders in their fields!   APSAC is the largest multi-disciplinary professional association of its kind.

 APSAC membership provides many opportunities for continuing education, simplifying the maintenance of credentials and promoting expertise in child maltreatment practice, with free or discounted access to practice guidelines, workshops, conferences and more.

APSAC membership lets you be part of the drive to improve the system, whether you are a frontline child protection professional, supervisor, administrator or policy staff. APSAC members can process their policy concerns with our amicus committee and The Center for Child Policy.  Join APSAC today and see how your career in child protection will benefit from the resources and training we provide.

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