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Welcome to the APSAC Database of Child Maltreatment Academic Programs!

Instructions for Database Use:

  1. Use the filter buttons to select options for filtering, or use the search bar to search for different programs (e.g. Michigan Social Work)

  2. Click the button to the right of the search bar to switch between note card and spreadsheet view. 

  3. To filter out categories you do not wish to see, click the button to the right of the view changer and uncheck those categories.

  4. Export your search to xls, txt, or csv by clicking the "Export" button. If you want a pdf printout of the page, you can right-click to print and select "Save as PDF." 

  5. To make the filter function as comprehensive as possible, each word will be searched individually. As a result, you may see some results that don’t fit exactly within your filter (e.g. “Social Work” may bring up some results in “Social Sciences” and "New York" may bring up "New Jersey" and "New Mexico"). You can adjust your view of these results by sorting by your search category and/or adding a search term in the search bar.

  6. Need a mobile-friendly version? Click here.

If you are faculty or an administrator who would like to make a correction to your entry in this database, please email If you'd like to add your academic program to this database, you may do so by filling out this survey.

Special thanks to the students and staff of the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Coding Bootcamp, who provided APSAC with this database pro bono. 

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