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The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children needs your help in shaping the future of the Association and of its members! Your Association thrives and survives based upon the work of many volunteers. While APSAC brings programs, education and services to our members, we believe that it can be better. To make it better, we need your help. Consider becoming a member of one of APSAC’s active committees. Your investment of time can help determine the direction, purpose and value that APSAC brings to you and all of its members. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact the committee chair listed below for more information.

Amicus Committee

This committee takes a look at legal and public issues in which the association may want to be involved. The group develops briefs and position papers for the Board to review and approve.

Contact: Frank Vandervort

Awards Committee

Each year, APSAC solicits is members for recommendations to receive various awards. This committee reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Contact:  Kathleen C. Faller

Board Recruitment and Nominations

This group is responsible for recruiting candidates who would like to stand for election to the Board of Directors. Once the committee assembles a possible list of candidates, it reviews the information and presents it to the Board of Directors.

Contact:  Viola Vaughan-Eden

Child Fatalities Committee

This APSAC committee takes a look at issues surrounding child fatalities.

Contact:  Tricia Gardner

Cultural Diversity Committee

The purpose of this committee is to make sure that APSAC explores cultural differences related to child abuse and integrates topics into the association's publications and educational programs.

Contact:  Viola Vaughan-Eden

CWS Evidence-Based Service Planning Committee

This group takes a look at the need for and implementation of evidence-based service planning at the CWS level.

Contact:  Monica Fitzgerald

Finance Committee

This committee is comprised of Board members. It reviews monthly financial information, makes recommendations on income and expense adjustments, oversees the audit or compilation process, and presents an annual budget to the APSAC Board of Directors.

Contact:  Janet Rosenzweig

Forensic Interview (Certification) Committee

This committee's current charge is to explore the concept of APSAC offering a Child Forensic Interview certification. If the Board elects to move forward with certification, the committee would be responsible for developing criteria and managing the certification process.

Contact:  Julie Kenniston

Governance/Operations Committee

Comprised of Board members, this committee reviews the organization's governance and operations and makes recommendations to the Board for improving these important aspects of the association.

Contact:  Janet Rosenzweig

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee serves two purposes: 1) Membership development and renewal; and 2) Review and recommendations for products and services provided to the membership.

Contact:  Mel Schneiderman

Partnership Committee

This group focuses on establishing partnerships with other associations and organizations in the field of child abuse.

Contact:  Janet Rosenzweig




Practice Guidelines Committee

APSAC's Practice Guidelines Committee reviews current guidelines and makes recommendations to the Board for updating the material. It also recommends to guideline topics.

Contact:  Kathleen Faller

Prevention Committee

This committee seeks to promote prevention as an APSAC priority, to increase prevention-oriented programs at the Colloquium, and to provide a group for association members who are interested in prevention to share information and exchange ideas.

Contact:  Bart Klika

Professional Education Committee

This group is responsible for reviewing content for APSAC's various educational programs, including the Colloquium. The committee is also involved with planning events surrounding the curriculum, such as social functions, pre-conference seminars, etc.

Contact:  Tricia Gardner

Contact:  Jim Campbell

Publications Committee

APSAC's Publications Committee is responsible for the association's print and electronic publications (with the exception of Practice Guidelines), such as The Advisor, Alert, Child Maltreatment Journal and Trauma, Violence and Abuse Journal.

Contact:  Kathleen Faller

State Chapters Committee

The State Chapters Committee is responsible for communication and liaison with the association's various chapters. The group also collects annual reports and state chapter grant requests for approval by the Board of Directors.

Contact:  Bri Stormer

Strategic Development Committee

This important group focuses on the organization's strategic development and planning for the future.


Underserved Disciplines Committee

There are several sub-committees that address underserved disciplines. See below for details.

Early Career Sub-Committee

This sub-committee ensures that APSAC is meeting the needs of Early Career members and professionals.

Faith Based Sub-Committee

This sub-committee ensures that APSAC is meeting the needs of Faith Based members and professionals.

Law Enforcement Sub-Committee

This sub-committee ensures that APSAC is meeting the needs of Law Enforcement members and professionals.

Lawyers Sub-Committee

This sub-committee ensures that APSAC is meeting the needs of Lawyer members and professionals.

Medical Sub-Committee

This sub-committee ensures that APSAC is meeting the needs of Medical members and professionals.

Native American Sub-Committee

This sub-committee ensures that APSAC is meeting the needs of Native American members and professionals.  

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