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Jane Doe Case Report 

Due to the public interest in the article about Jane Doe's videotaped recollection of childhood sexual abuse published in the 1997 Volume of Child Maltreatment, Sage Publications, the authors, Jane Doe, and APSAC have agreed to make this article and the accompanying commentaries available.

Each document is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click Here to download.


"Jane Doe's Recollection" - David L. Corwin and Erna Olafson

"Expressive Behavior and a Traumatic Memory" - Paul Ekman

"Commentary" - Frank W. Putnam

"Exploring Jane Doe's Picture of Pain" - Judith Armstrong

"Changing the Past to Serve the Present" - Ulric Neisser

"Reflections on Memory Discovery" - Jonathan W. Schooler

"Sex Abuse, Lives, and Videotape" - Dr. Stephen Lindsay


The following issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence is available below with the permission of Sage Publications 

Volume 29, No. 19

"Introduction to the Series" - Constance Dalenberg

"Published Case Reports: One Woman's Account of Having Her Confidentiality Violated" - Nicole S. Kluemper

"A Review and Correction of the Errors in Loftus and Guyer on Jane Doe" - Erna Olafson

"First Do No Harm: Is It Any Longer Safe to Write Case Reports?" - Laura S. Brown

"Research Ethics and Private Harms" - Gerald P. Koocher

"Jane Doe: A Cautionary Tale for Case Reports" - Frank W. Putnam

"Research Ethics and Case Studies in Psychology" - Ross E. Cheit

"Protecting Scientists, Science, and Case Protagonists" - Constance J. Dalenberg, PhD

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