2020 Advanced Training Institutes 

Join us for two high-quality pre-conference institutes at the

35th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment

Upon registration, you will be prompted to select one of the two institutes listed below. 

Don't Wait until Puberty: Support Healthy Sexual Development

Children and Address Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children


In today’s world, children receive mixed messages about sexual development

and healthy relationships.  Parents and teachers are reluctant to approach the

topic to children who are the recipients of frequent multimedia sexual messaging.

Without guidance and protective supports, sexual behaviors of children can

become problematic and even harmful. Indeed, more than one-third of sexual

offenses against children are committed by other youth. Further, problematic

sexual behavior (PSB) occurs among children who know each other, often family

members. Families often bereft from guidance on what to do when PSB occur

within the family to address safety and the treatment needs of all the children. 

Professionals across systems are also mired in misconceptions. Subsequently,

the needs of the family members are not adequately addressed leading to

multiple pathways of problems. While evidence-based practices (EBP) exist to

address PSB and to address trauma symptoms, most communities either do not

have access to or are faced with many challenges to implement EBP to best

provide comprehensive services to families. This presentation will provide an

overview of sexual development in children, problematic sexual behavior of

youth, misconceptions about the children, evidence-based treatment components,

and community efforts to improve the systems response.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will learn guidelines to distinguish typical, concerning, and problematic sexual behavior in children.

  • Participants will learn about risk and protective factors for healthy sexual development and problematic sexual behaviors in childhood.

  • Participants will gain strategies to address messaging and approach to parents of children with problematic sexual behavior.

  • Participants will learn components of effective prevention and treatment approaches to address problematic sexual behavior in children.


Jane F. Silovsky, PhD

Pricing and Accommodations

Members: $175

Non-Members: $200

*Registration increases by $50 after January 9, 2020


Town and Country San Diego

500 Hotel Cir N, San Diego, CA 92108

Forensic Interviews with Non-English Speaking Families 


Professionals are faced with many challenges when interviewing children whose first language is not English. Deciding the language in which to conduct the forensic interview is critical, as is determining when it is necessary to utilize an interpreter. In this institute, participants will learn how to utilize an interpreter properly in a forensic interview and how to guide an interview with an interpreter, particularly when forensic interviewing children.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to best determine what language is best to conduct the interview.   Participants will also learn how to utilize an interpreter properly in an investigative interview, and how to guide an interview with an interpreter, particularly when interviewing children.  Participants will learn the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.  They will also learn how to properly select and train an interpreter.  


Maria Rosales-Lambert

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Questions concerning CEs for the pre-conference institutes as well as the conference should be directed to sdconference@rchsd.org

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