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APSAC Practice Guidelines Now Free

APSAC is pleased to share that the APSAC Board of Directors has voted to make all our Practice Guidelines available for free! The following titles are current available:

  • The Investigation and Determination of Suspected Psychological Maltreatment in Children and Adolescents (Published 2017)

  • Evidence-Based Service Planning Guidelines for Child Welfare (Published 2014)

  • The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children- The Medical Provider's Role in Identification, Assessment, and Treatment (Published 2013)

  • Forensic Interviewing in Cases of Suspected Child Abuse (Published 2012- English and Spanish versions available)

  • Challenges in the Evaluation of Child Neglect (Published 2008)

  • Psychosocial Evaluation of Suspected Sexual Abuse in Children (Published 1997)

  • Psychosocial Evaluation of Suspected Psychological Maltreatment in Children in Adolescents (Published 1995)

  • Use of Anatomical Dolls in Child Sexual Abuse Assessments (Published 1995, update in process)

Click here to access all of APSAC's Practice Guidelines. If you enjoy the Guidelines, consider joining APSAC or making a donation.

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