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Join APSAC in San Diego for our Advanced Training Institutes!

Planning on attending the 34th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment in San Diego, January 28 - 31? Join APSAC for one of our pre-conference institutes on January 27th.

Hot Topics in Promoting Resilience

The presence of so-called protective factors, in the lives of children can buffer some of the negative effects of maltreatment, and resilience is considered one of the most important of the protective factors. Defined as a "combination of supportive relationships, adaptive skill-building, and positive experiences is the foundation of resilience"; individuals, families, organizations and communities can support the development of resilience in children. This pre-conference institute from APSAC will provide in-depth look at three domains where adaptive skill building in parents can promote supportive relationships and positive experiences, fostering resilience in children: 1) family-based human sexuality education as a tool to promote sexual health and safety; 2) shifting cultural norms to reduce the use of the most prevalent risk factor for child physical abuse, corporal punishment; and 3) understanding and identifying psychological maltreatment. Each topic will include a theoretical background, and offer programs and resources to implement in your practice or community.

Advanced Forensic Interviewing Techniques: Interviewing Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Using Evidence in Forensic Interviews

The first part of this presentation will provide content that forensic interviewers should incorporate in interviews of minors suspected as trafficking and/or internet crimes victims. The focus will be on non-caregiver cases. Commercial sexual exploitation interviews will be compared and contrasted to intrafamilial cases. Strategies to obtain case specific details will be discussed. The second part will focus on advanced issues in presenting evidence in forensic interviews.

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