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New! APSAC Advisor 31(1) - Special Open Access Issue!

APSAC is pleased to bring you the latest issue of the APSAC Advisor. This issue, edited by Angelo Giardino, MD, PhD, and Christopher Greeley, MD, MS, contains articles on hot topics in child maltreatment and a special section on ending corporal punishment. Articles in this issue include:

  • At Issue: Child Abuse Reporters and the Immunity Myth

  • An Overview of Published Medical Research About Child Abuse and Neglect During 2006-2015

  • True Evidence-Based Practices Deserve Wide Acceptance

  • A National Initiative to End Corporal Punishment

  • No Hit Zones: A Single Solution to Address the Most Prevalent Risk Factor in Child Abuse

  • Working with Molly: A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Parents Using Corporal Punishment Because of Their Religious Beliefs

Plus our regular features, including the News from the Organization, an APSAC Research to Practice Brief, and a Washington Update focused on CAPTA reauthorization.

APASAC is pleased to make this Advisor issue open access.

Read the Advisor here.


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