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Announcing the 2018 APSAC Research to Practice Brief Compendium

In order for APSAC to achieve our goal of strengthening practice through knowledge, we strive to ensure that up-to-date, high quality research results are reaching the practitioners who need it most. To accomplish this, APSAC has recruited professionals working in psychology, social work, medicine, child welfare, and law to write brief translational summaries of articles from Child Maltreatment. These Research to Practice Briefs are designed to clearly highlight policy and practice implications of the findings, and are available on the APSAC website.

In 2018, APSAC partnered with a University of Michigan classroom to turn the Research to Practice Brief into an assignment with the opportunity for professional review and publication. Six students briefs were published.

APSAC is proud to share our inaugural 2018 Research to Practice Brief Compendium, which includes all APSAC Research to Practice Briefs produced in 2018, including the student briefs produced in the classroom partnership. Please share this publication with colleagues, students, and anyone who might find it useful.

If you are interested in bringing the Research to Practice brief to your classroom, would like to volunteer as a reviewer of student briefs, or would like to write briefs, please contact Bri Stormer.

Read the Compendium

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