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Now Available: The APSAC Monograph on Psychological Maltreatment

APSAC is proud to share the inaugural publication in our Monograph Series -- The APSAC Monograph on Psychological Maltreatment (PM). The purpose of APSAC's Monograph Series is to provide in-depth treatment to important topics within the field of child maltreatment. This monograph includes:

  • Context, definitions, and forms of PM;

  • Risk factors for PM;

  • Assessment, intervention, and prevention of PM;

  • Future directions for child rights and overall child well-being as they relate to PM;

  • And much more.

This monograph is available to all regardless of APSAC membership status. Access it here, and please share with clinicians, researchers, students, policy makers, and others who may find the document useful.

Read the Monograph

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