Child Maltreatment: Call for Submissions Connecting COVID-19 and Child Maltreatment

The COVID-19 pandemic is having profound effects on virtually all aspects of people’s lives

through its impact on the nation’s health, economy, social and recreational life, and the national psyche. There is little known about how such circumstances will impact rates, causes, or consequences of child maltreatment. Child Maltreatment welcomes submissions on the relationship between COVID-19 and child maltreatment. As always, empirical manuscripts are strongly preferred, but other types of papers will be considered. Due to the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic and the dire need for empirical information, CM will expedite the review process and will attempt to return a decision to authors within 30 days of receipt of the manuscript. Inquiries regarding the fit of particular manuscripts with CM can be made to the Editor in Chief at

Interested authors can access submission guidelines here and click here to begin the submission process.

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