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Call for Papers: Special Issue of the APSAC Advisor

The APSAC Advisor is soliciting manuscripts for a special issue on the COVID-19 pandemic. The special issue seeks manuscripts that focus on 1) the pandemic’s impact on various child serving systems and their responses, 2) specific child maltreatment risk and protective factors due to the pandemic, and 3) the pandemic’s exposing and amplifying inequities for vulnerable children and families. Manuscripts may be related to practice, policy, or research; manuscripts representing APSAC’s multi-disciplinary focus are encouraged.

The special issue seeks to include multiple perspective and new voices. New authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts. Inquiries regarding the fit of particular manuscripts for the special issue can be made to the editorial team through the Manager of Publications at

For consideration in the special issue, manuscripts should be submitted by September 15, 2020.

For more information about the APSAC Advisor and submissions, visit

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