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Introducing The APSAC & Foundling Online Course

Child maltreatment work is by nature multidisciplinary; we all share the same goal of ensuring health, safety and justice for children and families. APSAC and the New York Foundling have developed a comprehensive, multidisciplinary Online Course for professionals to help expand their perspective and knowledge base to support effective practice in any child welfare setting.

The course opens with a history of the child maltreatment field presented by Victor Vieth; continues with presentations from physicians, attorneys, psychologists, educators and researchers on practice issues and skills; and concludes with a module on keeping current on best practices, and self-care by Jon Conte and Paul Stern.

Learn from leading experts in child maltreatment and enhance your understanding of the multiple systems, professionals, and interventions that comprise our field!

Learn more and register for the APSAC & Foundling Online Course and view the full brochure. Questions about the Online Course or other APSAC Online Programs? Please feel free to contact us at

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