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Presented by: Stacie LeBlanc, JD, MEd; Victor Vieth, JD, MA; and Tyler Counsil, EdD

Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) is an academic curriculum designed to better prepare child-serving professionals as their work pertains to child maltreatment prevention and intervention. In this Zoom Chat we will discuss the historic lack of child maltreatment content in higher education, its consequences on the workforce, and how CAST is changing the academic landscape to generate a new workforce ready to end child abuse.

Over forty years of research shows both undergraduate and graduate programs provide insufficient maltreatment content, Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) is a curriculum created to combat the inadequacies observed across all child-serving professions. Eighty-four institutions utilize CAST programming. Eight studies demonstrate CAST's ability to prepare the front lines of child protection for the realities of responding to child maltreatment. Join us on Zoom to meet the professionals behind CAST and learn how to bring the resource to your community!

Psychology and Social Work CE credits available.

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