Read the New! Child Maltreatment 25(3)

The new issue of Child Maltreatment 25(3) is here! Inside you'll find:

  • Parenting Interventions for Mothers with Problematic Substance Use: A Systemic Review of Research and Community Practice

  • Motivational Interviewing in Child Welfare Services: A Systemic Review

  • Alcohol Use and Harm to Children by Parents and Other Adults

  • Estimating the Heritability of Experiencing Child Maltreatment in an Extended Family Design

  • Inequities in Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma According to Neighborhood Social and Material Deprivation: A Population-Level Study in British Columbia, Canada (Read a Research to Practice Brief on this article here)

  • Does a Close Relationship With an Adult Reduce the Risk of Juvenile Offending for Youth With a History of Maltreatment?

  • Enhancing the Identification of Commercial Sexual Exploitation Among a Population of High-Risk Youths Using Predictive Regularization Models

  • The Effect of CASA on Child Welfare Permanency Outcomes

  • Discordance in Reporting of Maternal Aggression: Exploring Differences by Characteristics of Children, Mothers, and their Environments

  • Are Negative Parental Attributions Predicted by Situational Stress?: From a Theoretical Assumption Toward an Experimental Answer

  • Forensic Interviewers' Difficulty with Invitations: Faux Invitations and Negative Recasting

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