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2021 Call for Nominations | APSAC Commission for Racial Justice in Child Maltreatment

The Commission seeks to confront systemic racism and bias as they impact disproportionality and injustice experienced by African American families in child welfare. The Commission is seeking applicants for Chair, Co-Chair, and three member-at-large positions. Each position has a three-year term. Team nominations for Chair and Co-Chair will also be accepted. Professionals with the following qualifications are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Experience in racial justice research, advocacy, and child welfare issues.

  • Media experience and relationships.

  • An active history of participation in APSAC (on the state and/or national levels) through attending or presenting at meetings, working on state newsletters, writing for APSAC publications, or other activities.

  • Knowledge of systemic racism and implicit bias as they impact the child welfare field.

Self-nominations are welcome. The Commission especially values the perspectives, insights, and leadership of individuals from racially diverse backgrounds. To apply, please send a statement of interest to, subject line “APSAC Commission for Racial Justice”, and include the following:

  • The position you are seeking (e.g., Chair, Co-Chair, or Member-At-Large).

  • Why you think you are the right person (or people if applying as a team for Chair and Co-Chair) for the position.

  • The problems you see in the current child abuse/child welfare field or within the APSAC organization that could lead to racial injustice and disproportionality in child welfare.

  • Your history of ACTIVE participation in APSAC (on the state and/or national levels).

  • Ways you think APSAC’s Commission can make a difference.

  • Ways you think APSAC needs to change as an organization.

Special Notes:

  • Either the Chair or co-chair must be a member of the APSAC Board of Directors

  • All Commission members must be members of APSAC. Financial assistance is available to support APSAC membership.

  • Please direct questions to, subject line APSAC Commission for Racial Justice

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