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Experience the Experts Live in San Diego: A Must-Attend Event for Professionals

APSAC Pre-Conference Institutes to The 39th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment

Translating Child Sexual Abuse Research to Practice: Everything You Need to Know

Member Registration: $225 Non-Member Registration: $300 Pre-Conference Institutes CEs: $40 Full Conference CEs: $100

Join us in San Diego for a chance to see David Finkelhor, PhD, Melissa Merrick, PhD, Stacie LeBlanc, JD, MEd, Elisabeth Pollio, PhDand Jimmy Widdifield, Jr., MA in person! This full-day, 5- part Pre-Conference Institute will offer participating professionals the opportunity to acquire or enhance the competencies, skills and insights necessary to effectively work with children that have experienced child sexual abuse. Discussion topics will include an overview of historical approaches and empirical evidence-based practices. In addition, participants can expect to learn to identify the signs of problematic sexual behavior in children.

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