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New! APSAC Advisor 34(2): 35th Anniversary Special Issue: Presidents and Pioneers

APSAC is announcing the latest issue of the APSAC Advisor from editors Lisa Schelbe, Carlo Panlilio, and Amanda M. Ferrara. This issue, entitled "Presidents and Pioneers,” is a celebration of APSAC's history and future in the field of child maltreatment.

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Table of Contents:

Presidents and Pioneers: A Celebration of APSAC’s 35th Anniversary

Lisa Schelbe, PhD, MSW; Carlo Panlilio, PhD; Amanda M. Ferrara, PhD

Celebrating 35 Years of Improving Society’s Response to Abuse and Neglect of Children:

An Interview with Jon Conte, Co-Founder and Lifetime Member of APSAC

Esaa Mohammad Sabti Samarah, MSW

Multigenerational Reflections on APSAC—Thirty-Five Years in Review:

An Interview with Deborah Daro

Samantha Ellner, MS; Jerica Knox, PhD

Family First: An Interview with Roland Charles Summit

Jiwon Helen Wyman, MD, MATS

Reflecting on the History and Future of APSAC: An Interview with Susan Moan Hardie

Karen Marcial; Judith Valasquez

Celebrating 35 Years of Child Protection in Research and Forensic Interviewing:

An Interview with Kathleen Coulborn Faller, PhD

Sarah Scozzafava, MA

Improving the System’s Response to Child Maltreatment: An Interview with Charles Wilson

Jerri Sites, MA

We Are Part of the Problem: An Interview with Michael Durfee

Jiwon Helen Wyman, MD, MATS

Starting at the Frontlines: An Interview with Deanne Tilton Durfee

Jiwon Helen Wyman, MD, MATS

Pioneer Dr. Theresa Reid: Paving the Path with Passion

Kristina Taylor-Porter, MA

How Can We Help You? An Interview with Dr. Astrid Heger, MD

James D. Simon, PhD

An Interview with Tricia Gardner, JD

Nicole Kim, MSSW

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