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New! APSAC Alert Prosecutor's Edition on Recent Case Law: Defendant in Child Sex Trafficking Case

APSAC and Zero Abuse Project were awarded funds by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs to create the Trauma-informed Prosecutor Project (TiPP), which works to improve the effectiveness of the investigation and prosecutor of child abase. TiPP will deliver training, provide technical assistance, and create publications for prosecutors and other child abuse multidisciplinary team members. The APSAC Alert: Prosecutor's Edition is a TiPP publication providing updates on case law to professionals prosecuting child maltreatment cases.

This edition of the APSAC Alert: Prosecutor's Edition, authored by Frank Vandervort and Alexandra Andre and guest edited by Victor Vieth, discusses the importance of prosecutors understanding the complexities of how children disclose and communicate abuse and being able to communicate those complexities effectively to the trier of fact.

Please share this valuable resources to the prosecutors with whom you work. Suggestions for future issues of the APSAC Alert, Prosecutor's Edition can be sent to

We hope you find this useful. APSAC members can now access decades of past editions of the APSAC Alert and Advisor from the APSAC Members Area.

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