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New Lecture in the APSAC Certificate Program & Lecture Series | February 23, 2021

Join us on February 23 from 2:00 to 3:30 PM ET for the next lecture in the APSAC Certificate Program.

Lecture 5: Racism Amid Child Welfare Oversight: The Impact on Black Children and Families

Presenter: Marva L. Lewis, PhD

New relationship-based tools are needed to engagement, assessment and intervention with families of color in the child welfare system. In many communities there is often a racial divide between predominately white administrators and providers and the predominately Black and Brown children and families they serve. (Ghosh-Ippen & Lewis, 2011). This webinar presents anti-racist tools based on a trauma-informed model that assesses: 1) the perception of of the quality of the working relationships from both sides of multicultural divides; 2) recognize cultural risks and vulnerabilities, and 3) build on cultural strengths and resilience through a partnership approach to child welfare services.​

Participants will have the option to purchase to watch the lecture live or view them later on the APSAC LMS. Psychology and Social Work CE credits are available for this session. Participants must attend in-person to receive credits. ​Psychology and Social Work CE credits are available for these sessions. Participants must attend in-person to receive credits. Participants will receive a certificate after attending 8 hours of sessions. Participants have the option to attend the sessions live or to view recordings on APSAC's Learning Management System (LMS). Only individuals who join the live session will be eligible to earn CE credit.

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