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New Lectures in the APSAC Certificate Program & Lecture Series | March 25, 2021

Join us on March 25 from 1:00 to 4:30 PM ET for the next two lectures in the APSAC Certificate Program.

The Trauma of Racism: Talking to Children and Teens

Presenters: Kristin Washington, PsyD, PMP & Pear Berman, PhD

1:00 - 2:30 pm ET

This 90-minute workshop is designed to help parents and other concerned adults talk to children and teens about the historical trauma faced by African-Americans and how this has influenced current civic unrest over police brutality and racism. It takes a psychoeducational approach and provides practical ideas to stimulate adult thinking about what strategies might work best with a particular family. Ideas are discussed that can support resilient development and a sense of agency for ending racial trauma. There will be a 30 minute question and response section at the end of the workshop.

The Impact of Institutional Racism on Mental Health Services for Children Involved in the Child Welfare System

Presenters: Gimel Rogers, PsyD, ABPP & Marina Bassili, PsyD

3:00 - 4:30 pm ET

This training will review statistics regarding the ethnically diverse population and its overrepresentation in the Child Welfare System (CWS). A review of institutional racism and structural discrimination in the CWS will be explored. In addition, historical factors as they relate to mental health treatment and outcomes will be discussed. Lastly, this training will provide practical implications at the individual and systemic level to address these disparities.​ ​Psychology and Social Work CE credits are available for these sessions. Participants must attend in-person to receive credits. Participants will receive a certificate after attending 8 hours of sessions. Participants have the option to attend the sessions live or to view recordings on APSAC's Learning Management System (LMS). Only individuals who join the live session will be eligible to earn CE credit.

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