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The APSAC GRAMMYS: Great Research Among Multidisciplinary Members Last Year

Each year, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of research articles published in a variety of journals in disciplines which address important issues in child abuse and neglect. These range from basic sciences, neuroscience, and psychology, to epidemiology, public health, medicine, law, law enforcement, and other areas that report new and potentially important information for professionals responding to child abuse and neglect. This presenters for this session will search the world’s published literature for 2022 to review articles with information that can be used to improve practice and policy, while highlighting articles from APSAC’s journal Child Maltreatment and publications which participants can use in their work and that reflect the best science across disciplines. These are foundational articles which provide information that can be transformative in the field and can assist the participants throughout their professional careers. The presenters will make the articles “accessible” to the participants and will discuss important aspects of their study design, study sample and generalizability of results.

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